Yearbooks show up mysteriously across campus


Over a year after the Students’ Association Senate decided to cut its funding, the Jackrabbit yearbook has been appearing without explanation at locations across the SDSU campus.

Witnesses estimate that about 2,300 copies of the thought-defunct publication randomly appeared in the NFA-Rotunda Breezeway, Scobey Hall, the Administration Building, Ag Hall, Medary Commons and Binnewies, Brown, Waneta, Pierson and Matthews Halls.

Officials have no leads as to where the yearbooks are coming from, but they suspect that the appearances might have been an attempt to influence the SA Senate’s appointment of a finance chair for the coming year.

They added that the publications had been placed in locations usually reserved for the weekly edition of the campus newspaper, the Collegian.

Kara Christensen, editor-in-chief of the Collegian, said she was disappointed that her organization’s tight budget makes it financially impossible for them to dispose of the unwanted Jackrabbits.

“All I really want is to give the yearbooks back so we can to on with our work,” she said.

University officials say they are looking into the mysterious appearance but are frustrated by this second confusing case regarding SDSU student publications.

“I wish all the wacky stuff with this journalism business would stop so I can catch Dateline,” one official said.