Student finds he can go anywhere from here


Some students may see SDSU’s “You can go anywhere from here” slogan as an exaggeration, but according to one recent graduate, the statement is completely factual.

“I’ve gone everywhere,” said 1999 graduate Kristian Fleck. “There hasn’t been one place I can’t get to from here.”

Fleck’s quest is the result of a Thursday night discussion with a few of his friends shortly before his graduation. The friends told him that the slogan was just a public relations effort, but he was convinced that it had to be true.

“I guess we just see who was the smart one now,” he said.

He went east, west, north, south and even some of the “in-between directions” looking for some indication of whether he really could go anywhere.

Fleck said he traveled both within the United States and outside the country and received mixed answers to his constant inquiry, “Can I go here?”

Sometimes, he received a welcome yes. Other times, a language barrier made it impossible to get a clear answer.

“But I’ve never gotten a no,” Fleck said.

Fleck said he plans to be part of a new advertising campaign for SDSU.

While details are not fully available, he said that it would likely focus around a new theme slogan of, “See, we TOLD you you could go anywhere from here!”