Love Them or Leave Them: V-Day Videos

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

Perhaps you’re one of those people who needs merely a sappy movie and box of Kleenex to be perfectly content on a Saturday night. Or perhaps such a scenario seems to you like the seventh circle of hell. Either way, my pretties, this column is for you.

In honor (or in some cases, dishonor) of Valentine’s Day I have compiled a list of the perfect films to view on the 14th, whether you’re feeling groovy or perhaps just gory.

For those of you out there seeking the movies full of the more traditional spirit of Valentine’s Day, there are ever so many choices for you.

Silly light-hearted choices like The Princess Bride or L.A. Story for those of you in the mood for something quirky, while traditional fans of the modern romantic comedy have a myriad of Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks flicks to pick through. Libby’s Personal Pick: Return to Me. Sappy and happy with a great supporting cast. Oh, and David Duchovny. For some, love stories can only be accurately expressed through song and to them I suggest Beauty and the Beast,West Side Story and Singin’ in the Rain.

Libby’s Personal Pick: Moulin Rouge. Ewan McGregor sings. What more do you people want?

Of course there are always those individuals out there who equate epic passion with epic movies and for them there will always be Gone With the Wind and Titanic. Libby’s Personal Pick: I’ll pass, thanks.

And before I move on to those down with love movies, let me tell you all my favorite cuddle movies. You can’t go wrong snuggling up with your honey watching It’s a Wonderful Life (Christmas be damned!), Annie Hall, or Casablanca (it’s an obvious choice for a reason, dummy!).

Now enough of that mushy crap.

Seeking something a little less touchy-feely come Saturday?

Then go rent Misery. Or better yet, Single White Female.

Of course what could possibly be more anti-love than skinning and/or eating people?

In that case, check out Silence of the Lambs or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Libby’s Personal Pick: Schindler’s List. The ultimate horror movie.

And for those slightly less cynical check out the not-so-mushy films High Fidelity, Bonnie and Clyde, The Graduate and There’s Something About Mary.