Campus Bathrooms Range from Clean to Messy to Retro

Krista Johnson

Krista Johnson

Most students have visited at least one restroom on campus while attending SDSU. Each bathroom experience has uniqueness, whether you run into an old friend or you discover an unwanted gift from a previous restroom visit. Several restrooms on campus have distinct characteristics, making your bathroom visit newspaper worthy, or a quick pit stop. Here are the winners for the best, brightest, cleanest and grossest bathrooms on campus as well as the bathroom with the biggest time warp.

Note: Male restrooms were not observed directly for obvious reasons.

Best and Brightest:

The best and brightest bathroom on campus is in Crother’s Engineering Hall. The yellow walls and stall doors glow under the natural sunlight and fluorescent lighting. The faint humming noise in the room creates a relaxing effect making a nap on the room’s green, cushioned couch possible. A vertically positioned mirror allows students to assess their finest assets. The room provides shelving units and hooks for personal belongings. “The automatic hand towels are a cool addition,” said Sarah Bandas, a grad student at SDSU.


The Performing Arts Center wins for the cleanest bathroom on campus. The restroom was spotless; it was as if no one had ever stepped foot in the room. Each stall was in order and had plenty of toilet paper. The trays underneath the soap dispensers, meant to catch excess soap, were soapless and the counters were free of water spots (and of course soap thanks to the tray). Whether it be the newness of the building, or the limited number of bathroom visitors in the P.A.C., the room is number one in the upkeep department.


The grossest bathroom on campus is located in the Hilton Briggs Library. Comments on unpleasant aromas and paper towel messes are not uncommon for the bathroom on the main floor. Amy Lewis, a graduate student at SDSU, said that the bathroom in the basement was even worse although she did have one positive comment. “It does have a handy little shelf for your books,” Lewis said. Although, the grossest bathroom on campus is in the library, there are several contenders for the title. “I think they’re all pretty gross,” said Jenna Hardy, a freshman music education major.

Biggest Time Warp

The Animal Science Complex’s orange and cream striped bathroom walls along with its matching countertops and pumpkin-colored stall doors bring the 70s to the student. The bathroom provides a built-in wall ashtray in the waiting room and pull down utility shelves in each stall. The bathroom in Ag Engineering deserves an honorable mention for its usage of turquoise and plastic couches.