Many farmers successful


After reading “The Pulse” in the April 20 edition of the Collegian, I was appalled at what was defined as the “lows of magazines” and seeing Successful Farmer being used as one of your examples. To put it mildly, the article is based off of stupidity and ignorance.

First of all, the magazine Successful Farmer doesn’t even exist. If research had been done correctly, the writer of the article would have at least been aware of the fact that the title of the magazine is Successful Farming.

And to address your question of when was the last time I’ve heard of a successful farmer, you wouldn’t have to go too far on this campus to find not just one, but many of them.

Many of the students at SDSU come from successful family farming operations and will return to continuing farming after they have completed their educations here. Our society in general and SDSU for sure should show more respect and gratitude to the people who supply this nation and the world with food.

A few words of closing advice to the writer of this: next time you write an article, go out of your little cubicle and away from your laptop and get the facts before you write to avoid making a fool of yourself and the paper that you represent.

If untrue articles such as this continue to be printed, the question will soon become when was the last time you’ve heard of a successful Collegian editor instead of a successful farmer?

Ross GlanzerBrookings