Steve-O to visit Sioux Falls

Lucinda Albers

Lucinda Albers

Four years ago MTV released a controversial series suitably named Jackass. Two years later the show was made into a movie that surpassed expectations by setting rental records and making instant celebrities of its stars.

Steve-O became one of those instant celebs. As a result of his Jackass fame, Steve-O was able to move on and create Wildboyz with fellow Jackass star Chris Pontius.

Steve-O eventually went on a tour which led him to create his own line of successful DVDs.

On Oct. 3, Steve-O will be in Sioux Falls.

Jade Presents will bring this new MTV legend to the Sioux Falls Ramkota Exhibit Hall for his “Don’t Try This At Home” show.

Known for his awesomely bad tattoos and his trouble-making behavior, Steve-O tours the country with even more of his idiotic activities.

DVDs from previous years of touring are both loved and hated by many different people.

The show is said to leave you with “How did he do that?” thoughts, as well as “Why did he do that?”

He’s been described as sick and disgusting, andsome believe Steve-O is a prime example of today’s youth without morals. Some people think he does his immature shenanigans as way to get fame and fortune.

Some say being such a ‘Jackass’ doesn’t make him cool as much as it makes him a fool.

Other younger viewers think Steve-O is an example of not caring about what the world wants and think he’s just being himself in front of thousands of people. They think Steve-O does what everyone else is afraid to do, and that makes his show all the more intriguing to them.

The tour is said to be everything you couldn’t see on TV. If you’re a Jackass fan, this tour will fit your style. If you’re squeamish or easily offended, you should probably skip the show.

Tickets for the show are $25 and are available at all Ticketmaster outlets (605-334-8181 or For more information on Steve-O, visit his website at