Event held to promote diversity

Margie Creen

Margie Creen

The first-ever Multicultural Meet and Greet event, which introduced people from different cultures, “was a success,” said Rozhyer Aware, program advisor for Multicultural Programs.

“The purpose of this event was to create a network for those of ethnic backgrounds and those that are interested in diversity issues and programs,” Aware said about the Sept. 30 event at Tompkins Alumni Center.

C.D. Douglas, the executive director for Trio and Multicultural Programs, said that the Meet and Greet was a good opportunity to educate students and make them more aware of what the program has to offer.

“We have a passion for what we do at SDSU,”Douglas said.

Douglas, Aware, and Program Advisor for Native American Programs Steven Martin each said an introduction and welcomed everyone to the event.

Aware also said that the event was good for clubs to gain more recognition and for member to meet each other.

The event had representatives from the Black Student Alliance (BSA), the Indian Association, the Native American Club and Minority Mentors.

“I think (the event) was a success because we had a diversified group of people,” said DarQuie Taybior, president of BSA.

Aware said that she was pleased that the event had a “warm atmosphere” for guests.