Wilson’s album boldly asks, Are You Here For The Party?

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Rising country star Gretchen Wilson recently sung her way into the hearts of many ‘Redneck Women’ and lonely cowboys with her new album Here For The Party.

Wilson’s empowering anthems resonate with many and reflect her upbringing. She and her sister were left at her grandmother’s when Wilson was twelve and from then on life wasn’t easy.

According to Wilson’s website, this tough upbringing created her bold attitude and plain-talk style.

These are both apparent in the lyrics of her most well-known song, “Redneck Woman,” in which she points out that women don’t need Victoria’s Secret products to be hot.

I love Wilson’s attitude. It is about time that a major artist acknowledges the fact that people don’t need name brands and fame to be sexy or interesting.

In the notable track “Homewrecker” Wilson sings about not putting up with any woman who tries to take her man. The lyrics warn any would-be man-stealer by saying, “we can take it in here or we can take it outside/you little homewrecker.”

This straight talk will really resonate with a lot of women out there, as it did me.

Wilson hits the men with a bit of attitude by implying that the grass may look greener on the other side, but it’s only because they use insecticides.

She also says fellas should be happy with what they have at home and should remember that there is a reason they picked that person to begin with.

Her lyrics continually say that she is all she wants to be and she likes who she is. These proud themes continue throughout her entire album.

In Wilson’s title track and big hit “Here For The Party” she encourages people to enjoy life while they can.

I wouldn’t say Wilson is my idol, but I would go as far to say she has made an impression in my life.

Her brash attitude is uplifting and I love the fact that she thinks it’s okay to “wear tight fittin’ jeans” and that ‘Wal-Mart shelf half price” items are just fine.

Over all, with the sound of her band and the tone of her voice, I give Wilson a big “A.” She has a unique voice and while not every note is pitch perfect I think her attitude makes up for it.

4.5 stars out of 5