Latest Hawk game fails to thrill

Billy Drown

Billy Drown

For half a decade, Tony Hawk skateboard games have been staples of the extreme sports video game world. And while Tony Hawk Underground 2 is good, it seems to herald the fade-out of the once-engaging franchise.

The great gameplay, with some new ideas, is still intact. But the feeling of joy that was once there is now missing.

The idea of Hawk’s team vs. Bam’s team sounds fun, since you try to destroy as much of a city as you can.

The plot is a step down from the first Underground, and the cutlines were the only thing that kept me playing.

That’s not right – an extreme sports game should rely on the gameplay to keep you entertained.

But props still go to the new character design for both the skaters and the rest of the game’s cast. The new cartoonish look gives the game a playful feel and makes the cut scene facial animations fun to watch.

By this time next year another Hawk game will probably be sitting on store shelves. Hopefully by that time the developers will think of something to liven up this franchise. If not, hopefully Mr. Hawk and friends will take a few years off before people lose their interest.