Council revokes pub’s license

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

The Brookings City Council revoked Dakota Pub’s liquor license at its Oct. 25 meeting.

“Brookings is only allowed 17 liquor licenses. That is based off of the population,” said City Clerk Shari Thornes.

Thornes said the operating agreement was revoked because of a failure to sign papers. No further comment was made.

“Prior to signing the Operating Agreement with Dakota Pub, we received additional information concerning an ongoing issue with them,” said City Manager Alan Lanning

Bill Purrington, manager of the Brookings Municipal liquor store, said “The Dakota Pub is up to date on all their bills.”

All of the bars in Brookings purchase liquor from the city-run liquor store. If a bar does not have an operating agreement then it cannot sell hard liquor, and are only allowed to sell malt beverages on cash transfer only, Purringston said.

This agreement is what allowed the Dakota Pub to sell hard liquor.

Rich Helsper, the attorney for Dylwin Hammer, told council members that Hammer has intentions of purchasing the space where Dakota Pub is located.

“There is no purchase agreement on the table as of right now, we just wanted to inform the public,” Helsper said. If Hammer was to buy the lot where the Dakota Pub now resides, it is up to him to go before the city council and apply for the operational agreement again, the council said.