All students should vote in SA elections


This Wednesday and Thursday, all students will have the chance to elect the next student leaders of this university.

For the past month, students have been campaigning for different spots in the Students’ Association. Some want to represent their colleges as senators while others want to the lead the school as president or vice president.

This is the one of the most important elections for SDSU students because it directly affects them. Unfortunately, there is usually a low voter turnout, even though students have two days to vote and voting stations are strategically placed in common areas around campus.

Many students don’t vote because they feel the SA elections aren’t that important. But this isn’t high school and the student government actually does matter because it has the chance to benefit campus organizations and clubs. It has a big influence in what programs and activities are offered to students and how the administration and city treats students. And that all depends on what types of people are in SA.

Other student voters claim that this election is nothing more than a popularity contest and it’s not worth it to vote because only the “popular” candidates will win. The reason why these candidates might win is because their supporters will usually take the time to vote, so they make up a majority of the voters. But if more of the student body voted, then other candidates would probably have more of a chance to win because supporters of “popular” candidates make up a small percentage of the entire student body.

Also, many students fail to see that most candidates do care about them and SDSU. Although there are those few that depend on popularity, most candidates want what’s best for the students of SDSU and that is why they are running.

If students don’t want the “popular” candidates in office, then they need to vote.

Some students don’t vote because they feel it takes too much time. It’s done online and it only takes a few minutes. And it’s worth those few minutes if it means that the right students are representing SDSU.

It’s up to the student body to determine who represents them, but they have to go out and vote. So take time in the next few days to vote. But put thought into your choice because these students are your representatives.