Theatre student showcases set for late April

Jesse Batson

Jesse Batson

On April 21, an amalgamation of student projects will be on display in the Student Showcase.

For the first time in recent memory, Ray Peterson, assistant professor of communication studies and theatre, said, “Schedules weren’t conflicting, making the Student Showcase possible for both semesters this school year.”

“It’s a ‘best of’ the semester,” Peterson said. “We tried it last semester for the first time.”

The planning is still in progress, but Peterson gave insight on what the showcase will feature: designs from scene design class; displays from the advanced makeup class and choreography, put together by Melissa Moore, choreographer in the athletic program.

After the fall semester’s Student Showcase, Peterson is hoping April’s showcase will be as well-received.

“People enjoy seeing what has been done over the course of the semester,” Peterson said.

For a list of who will be performing, look out for next week’s issue of the Juice.