GAP display misleading


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The “Genocide Awareness Project” that was on display on campus was forceful, misleading, and flat out insensitive. However, the display was a legal form of expression and such expression must be protected. Thus, I’m writing to express some truthful and logical thoughts about abortion instead of relying on purely emotional scare tactics as the GAP display did. Outlawing abortion will not end abortion. Abortions will still be performed and sought after. The only difference being that abortions will be performed unsafely and by people who don’t know what they’re doing. This is what the Pro-life movement incessantly refuses to believe. You must also question what outlawing abortion will mean. Will we actually prosecute women who have illegal abortions? And, as some extreme pro-lifers would have it, would the crime be considered murder? If this is the case, would the death penalty be sought? Conservatives are in favor of the death penalty. Wouldn’t it be odd if we outlawed abortion, supposedly to save lives, and then started killing off women who had illegal abortions. Well this, I will admit, is an extreme scenario, but it makes you think about just what the logic is behind outlawing abortion. If we really want to end abortion we should pursue policies that produce economic equality, provide a strong social safety net and improve our educational system. We should pursue policies of acceptance. Countries that have done this, like Belgium and the Netherlands, have the lowest abortion rates in the world. That’s how we’ll save lives.

-Derek Meyers