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Alex Brown

Alex Brown

For all the comedy fans out there, leave the “redneck” jokes behind, forget “your sign,” set aside the “tater salad,” and make way for one of the funniest new comics since Dane Cook.

Daniel Tosh has become one of the new fresh faces of comedy. During the past few years, Tosh has preformed on the popular late night shows, including “THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO” and “THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN” as well as his own comedy specials airing on Comedy Central. According to, his debut CD, “True Stories I Made Up”, was released in early November, and has been a “hilarious, stunner of a debut.”

One of the things that makes Daniel Tosh so popular, especially with college students, is his comedic style. The quick, sharp tongue of Tosh has drawn many comparisons to Dane Cook. “True Stories I Made Up” touches on a variety of topics, ranging from plastic surgery, to the sports world, politics and every topic in between.

Daniel Tosh was born in Germany, but raised in Florida. The son of a preacher, Tosh had two sisters and a brother. Some of the material used in his act comes from his youth. “Did you ever play this game as a kid, the floor is lava ? you may have called it something else but it meant the same thing: you were poor.”

Tosh currently resides in Los Angeles and tours the country, spending time sharing his humor with college students across the nation.

For those out their looking for some wholesome family comedy, this CD is not for you. Tosh is not afraid to push the comfort boundaries of his listeners, trying to change the way many view the world around us. The biting social commentary hits home as his smooth transitions take the listener on a hysterical ride through American culture.

There are, however, a few dark horses in the new race of comedic genius. Kyle Anderson, junior nursing major said, “for my money, no one beats the comedy of the late, great Mitch Hedberg.”

The rapid-fire jokes and smooth delivery help make Tosh one of the funniest comics out there, providing some strong competition for the current crop of campus comedians.