Instructors’ attitudes could change


Lately, I have been thinking about college (as I am about to graduate) and wonder, what did I get out of my education? Well, I believe SDSU is a great college and I have learned a great deal in my years here. Yet I wonder how some academic institutions, not only SDSU, but others as well, can continue to allow some instructors to teach with the types of attitudes I have seen from many them.

What am I talking about? Well, let’s see. I have gone to class before, and the instructor walks in as if he or she has had the worst day of his or her entire life and could care less about the quality of their teaching that day. They are simply monotone, unenthusiastic, and boring! I thought that instructors were here because they enjoyed their job, and they wanted to help the young generation become more educated? We all know that they aren’t here for the money, especially in South Dakota.

Also, some instructors teach the course as if they are out to get you. You walk into the class excited, expecting to learn something new, yet, after the first day, you walk out scared, wondering if it will even be possible to pass. Fellow students, you all know what I’m talking about. The instructor who tells you it is almost impossible to get an A in his/her class and that he or she doesn’t expect many of the students to do well. Now, why would you say something like that? That doesn’t exactly provoke students to work their hardest and do their best when they have the fear of failure whispered.

What about the instructor who assumes students despise being there, and treats them as if they are the enemy? Let’s see, I believe we all paid for our education and we chose that specific class for a reason. If instructors assume students don’t want to learn, why in the hell are they teaching then? Yes, I realize that some students fail to come to class, and in reality, that is pretty stupid since you are costing yourself money by not being there, but that is their choice, is it not? Maybe in their mind, they have something more important to do? Ever heard of opportunity cost? Ah yes, the economics in me. Hey, look at that, something I got out of my education!

I have no motive other than to be inquisitive about this. Many students, including myself, have found ways to deal with previous instructors like these. You just grit your teeth, ignore the attitudes and try to focus on the class. Some students can do this, others can’t. I just feel bad for those who can’t, and it makes me feel bad that, due to some poor attitudes of instructors, their experience will pretty much, for lack of a better word, suck!

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