Dylan still amazes fans after 40 years

Danny Andrews

Danny Andrews

On Friday, Sept. 8, Bob Dylan will perform for his fans at the Sioux Falls Civic Arena.

The show begins at 6:30 p.m. with tickets ranging from $85 to $95 dollars, depending on seating. Dylan and his band will perform songs from his 40-year music career.

His acts are known to be memorable. Not wanting to be confined as a nostalgia act, Dylan reworks his music, adding instruments and continuously altering his vocals to make every performance new and unique.

SDSU students attending the show are looking forward to the performance.

“I just want to hear his [Dylan’s] new music. He just released a new album, I was wondering what it sounded like,” said Jared Miles, senior journalism/psychology major.

Stacie Rath, a senior consumer affairs major is excited to see Dylan in concert as well.

“I’ve been a fan for years,” she said.

Dylan became famous in the 1960s with his strong lyrics and diverse ballads. In his 40-year career, he has recorded nearly 50 albums. His most recent album, “Modern Times,” was released in August. Some of his top hits include “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “The Times They are a-Changin.”