Vandalism message and response concern out of stater


I had to reply after reading the article about the vandalism on the Catholic church, followed by Tasiyagnunpa Livermont Dubray’s response in Thursday’s paper.

I’m glad people at the church took the time to be confused about what was painted. Most targets of vandalism have a knee-jerk reaction to it, without spending a second to think why they may have been targeted. It’s refreshing you seem concerned.

And, to Dubray’s charge that the action was violent, I’m not sure where that came from. Some paint was sprayed on inanimate objects. Nobody was hurt. Violence comes when somebody is hurt. This was simply an act of mischief.

I’m from North Carolina. Even out there, South Dakota has been in the news about its stand on not allowing abortions to continue in this state.

This is a big topic. That somebody would be stirred to make a statement (albeit, an impersonal one) in defense of women retaining the right to choose what they can do with their bodies should not surprise anybody.

It seems that those who are so spun up about the vandalism should follow the Rev. Paul Rutten’s example and think about what is being said, rather than call those involved names.

Donny WilliamsAsheville, North CarolinaVisitor to SDSU