Logo deserves student input


Editorial Board

At issue:SDSU’s Jackrabbit logo will be updated, but we don’t know who will pay for it or how much it will cost.

Our view:SDSU students should have been included earlier. Students should have as much say as alumni or the athletic department.

Sounds like the old bunny is out.

A committee is waiting now for a few new looks for our 35-year old Jackrabbit logo. It seems that alumni like the old floppy-eared icon. But students and others aren’t big fans – mostly, they don’t buy the bunny on clothes.

And in our brave, new, Division-I world, our bunny doesn’t cut it. Other logos are snappy, sharp or vicious. At other universities, a change in a logo shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

But it’s a big deal at SDSU. The old bunny is ancient, yes. But that is part of its appeal. The word is the top-notch design firm won’t come back with a ‘roid-rage rabbit. That’s good news. Let’s try for something that echoes our past but promotes our present and flaunts our future.

But there are several problems. First, who’s paying for this? And how much will it cost? There’s simply no excuse for anyone to hold back that information.

Second, why weren’t students in the loop earlier? By the time student representatives were asked to join, the group had already decided to change the logo.

That’s flat-out wrong. Students should have just as much say as alumni or the athletic department. It’s our bunny, too.

Now there’s a student on the committee. That’s good. But students should’ve been included from the start, before big decisions were made.

We’re Division I. Soon we’ll have a new Jackrabbit. Let’s start acting like a grown-up university. Don’t leave students out.