Letter to the Editor: Campus protest


I believe that the evangelism students that visited campus were good for the school. They encouraged open debate on the topic of homosexuality. They caused many to remember their feelings in this matter, and have discussions about this important issue. There would not have been a large crowd surrounding them or a need to create posters against their views if they had no impact on anyone’s thinking, would there?

One thing that many people will not mention is that what was printed on their signs was in no way false. ‘Homosexuality is a sin’ is the view of the evangelist church, as well as the Roman Catholic church, the largest Christian denomination in the world. Livermont says “Did these so-called Christians forget the commands to love others, and that we, ourselves, should not judge others?” In their view, the evangelists were loving homosexuals and trying to save them, as is shown by their other poster, ‘Christ can set you free’. And maybe Livermont should remember the ‘commands to love others’ when she compares the evangelists to Satan and calls them ‘so-called Christians’.

David GloeFreshman, Computer Science