Dress to Impress or Relax

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

You don’t have to walk off the runway or break your piggy bank to have a good sense of style. With the right pieces, you can mix and match for a casual or trendy look. I talked to an apparel merchandising professor, a sales associate and several students to find the six pieces of clothing that college students can’t do without. Here is what they recommended:

Jacket or blazer

Jackets and blazers can be trendy, but also a nice touch when giving a speech or class presentation, said Nancy Lyons, an apparel merchandising professor.

“It just gives a finished look. It’s easy to put on a jacket or blazer over khaki pants or even jeans and it looks like you put in more effort,” Lyons said.

Zip-up hoodie sweater

Nicole Spry, a Maurice’s sales associate, said this piece is good for students because of its versatility.

“You can dress them up or down,” said the junior psychology major.

Nice fitting jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, but you should have ones that look flattering and that can be used for nice and casual dress, Lyons said.

A brown and black belt

Belts are a must for any wardrobe and it’s just good sense to have one of each color because they will go with anything, said Cassie Hillius, a senior apparel merchandising major.

Black Pants

Lyons said they can be dressy or casual and are an easy piece to use. She recommends students have a few pairs in different styles.

“I do think black pants make a lot of sense,” she said.

An SDSU sweatshirt.

Lyons said every student must have one piece of clothing that shows off school spirit.

“It’s just mandatory,” she said. “This is the time to do it. You lose that opportunity for group affiliation through clothing when you get out of college.”

#1.883963:3510707538.JPG:Fashion01.JPG:Patrick Sontag, a fourth year global studies major, wears some of the basic, but essential, clothing pieces every SDSU student should have.: