Letter to the Editor: Citizens should take a stand


The hard-hitting documentary, “Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers” will be shown at the Brookings Public Library on Thursday evening at 6:45 p.m., April 26.

“Iraq For Sale” shows how private corporations like Haliburton KBR, CACI, Titan and other firms are making a killing while others are being killed. This film examines in detail a cross section of the military industrial congressional complex that President Eisenhower, one of our greatest generals, warned us about nearly 47 years ago in his prophetic farewell address. If war can be made so profitable, then it is no wonder that the Bush administration and its corporate backers were so hell-bent on going to war.

And it is no wonder they were willing to deceive the American people about their real reasons for doing it. They are counting on your indifference and apathy so they can keep running the show. The corporate-owned mass media intentionally downplays the size and importance of the antiwar movement because they are afraid of the people actually taking control over their lives.

Who knows what might happen if the people got “out of control?” Universal health care? Affordable education and housing? Environmental sanity? There is only one way to stop them. Take a small amount of time out of your busy life to help create a grassroots movement that can take back our democracy. How many more people have to die before we, the people, decide that we have had enough?

Michael FeikemaBrookings, S.D.