Fresh talent, different styles, five local bands: one ultimate battle

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

The Volstorff Ballroom will soon be filled with the musical sounds of five local bands. On Oct. 30 at 7:00 p.m., the University Program Council is hosting a Battle of the Bands. Five local bands will come together to entertain the ears of SDSU’s students.

The bands entered in the competition include Avery, Welcome to the Cinema, Dawning by Day, Fox and Electric Nectar. All of the bands entered in the competition are from Brookings and the surrounding areas. Many of the band members are also SDSU students.

“This will be a really efficient way to get these local bands heard,” said Kyle Jameson, concert coordinator for the UPC and a junior journalism major.

This year, rather than having the judges choose the winner, as they did last year, the fans will vote. At the end of the show, students will vote on which band they think should win. SDSU’s students will have their chance to have a say in who will win “the battle.”

Each band will be given 20 minutes to perform on stage and to win the crowd’s affection. “This year the show will flow a lot faster and be a lot smoother,” Jameson said. “It’ll be great.”

“I don’t really care about winning, that’s not why we play,” said Cody Brown, a member of the bands Welcome to the Cinema and Fox. “I just want to have fun and make the crowd have fun.”

“Welcome to the Cinema has been together for about a year and a half. This will be our first time playing at Battle of the Bands, it should be a lot of fun,” Brown said. “It will also be a first time for Fox, the other band I play in.”

This year’s bands are all new to Battle of the Bands. There will be no repeats of the bands that played last year. The bands will provide a variety of different types of music. There will be something to satisfy almost every student’s listening pleasures.

Each band has a different style of music that is all their own. Welcome to the Cinema describes themselves as an Indie/pop group. Electric Nectar on the other hand describes themselves as a funk/blues group. There is something for almost everyone. “I think it should be a lot of fun,” said Brown.

The Battle of the Bands will start at 7:00 p.m. and finish when all five bands are done playing. Students will, however, stay and vote for the winner of this year’s Battle of the Bands.

Admission to Battle of the Bands is free. There will be T-shirts on sale for $12. “There is a limited amount of shirts,” said Jameson, “so it’s first come, first serve.”

UPC has posters displayed at various locations on campus to remind students of the event. They hope to attract as many students as possible. “I hope a lot of people come to the Battle of the Bands,” said Jameson. “It will be more fun that way.”