YouTube star coming to SDSU

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Judson Laipply is coming to the PAC Nov. 5 at 7p.m.

Laipply is the man behind “The Evolution of Dance” video. It is the number one most viewed all time video, number one top rated video and number three most discussed video on

Laipply wanted something that made the audiences remember his message. After pondering what to do for six to nine months the idea came. He thought of how funny it would be to visually see how dancing has evolved. He wrote down the first 12 songs that came to mind. Each song had a distinct corresponding dance. Some moves he does include the twist, the lawnmower and the robot. He also has plans for an “Evolution of Dance Revisited.”

Heather Roberts, a junior pre-pharmacy major, said, “he’s considered an inspirational comedian. There is an inspirational speech that ends with the dance”.

The routine is an hour long. Some topics included are change, choices, conflict management and goal setting. Laipply said “Inspirational Comedy” is blending Robin Williams with Anthony Robbins or that funny person you know with that teacher who taught you so much about life. He said it combines his thoughts about life and change with humor.

Laipply’s inspiration comes from former teachers, lessons he has learned from watching others and experiences he has had. He also said the message is not religious because he does not try to persuade. His goal is to inspire.

His video has been featured on many programs including CNN, USA Today and Good Morning America.

“I am excited to see the performance. I hope others like it,” said Roberts.

Laipply plans to sell a DVD of his full show. Currently he is working on getting the rights to the songs. Once he does, he plans to get a mix of his dance.

Laipply’s performance is the kick off of the UPC Children’s Miracle Network State-a-Thon. “We changed the name to State-a-Thon instead of Dance-a-Thon,” said Kayla Person a junior advertising and marketing major.