Letter to the Editor: Mandatory laptop computers may not be in the best interest of SDSU students


I was relieved to read the reaction to the Regents planned “Mobile Computing Environment” the Collegian printed. As a Computer Science major, I would say having a computer is important to me. However, I don’t feel that having a laptop is a requirement in the least. What would I do with it in class? Take notes? Doubtful. I have never encountered a professor who gives so many notes in a lecture that I can’t write them by hand. Any professor who does is probably just vindictive and should be avoided at all costs. So what about homework? A desktop computer with comparable specifications to a laptop will cost 20-40% less. Also, they typically last longer and allow for easier upgrading.

So why would the Regents ever want to force every student to buy a laptop? Call me a cynic, but I think someone other than students is benefiting from this. Programs requiring laptops only allow students to select from a prepared list of system from two companies…interesting. “But Andrew, we simply want the lowest prices for students!” Probably not. Many companies offer educational pricing if that is really an issue. And remember, a desktop system will almost always be cheaper! Also, SDSU has a number of computer labs, some even restricted to certain majors.

What about convenience? The convenience to play online while your professor is lecturing hardly seems educational. Also, how much easier is it to have a laptop stolen than a desktop? Much…trust me.

Andrew BoeremaComputer Science Major