Dunks and lack of ‘D’ give fans entertainment

Zach Anderson

Zach Anderson

In the SDSU men’s basketball scrimmage Oct. 17, the yellow team defeated the blue team 33-17 in ten minutes of play during Midnight Minus Two in Frost Arena.

“I can guarantee you that you will see a lot better defense than you saw tonight,” SDSU head coach Scott Nagy said.

In a game that displayed very little defense, sophomore guard Dale Moss scored the blue team’s first six points. Moss led all scorers with 11 points.

The blue team led 6-2 before the yellow team’s Troy Wipf scored, followed closely by an Anthony Cordova lay-up to tie it at 6-all.

The game was tied at 10-all when the yellow team took over with a Clint Sargent lay-up and a Griffan Callahan 3-pointer. The yellow team never looked back on the way to the win.

The yellow team was led in scoring by Callahan and Cordova who tied with six points apiece.

In the women’s 3-point contest, the first round pitted freshman Jill Young against senior Morgan Meier. Meier won 10-9 as Young’s shot for the win fell short.

In the other first-round match-up, surprise entry Jennifer Schuttloffel defeated Stacie Oistad.

In the final, Meier tied Schuttloffel, and they played a tiebreaker round. With no tiebreaker in place, the two went at it again. The tiebreaker round also ended in a tie, and so Meier and Schuttloffel were announced co-champions.

The men’s dunk contest featured Sargent, Moss, Cordova and Dwight Pederson. Pederson, the only one to make both his dunks, won the contest.

Sargent missed his first attempt and made the second. Cordova tried the same dunk twice: he bounced the ball up in the air, then jumped up and dunked it. The second time he was successful.

Pederson completed his first dunk by tossing the ball up, jumping up and slamming it in the hoop. His second attempt he leapt from just inside the free throw line and dunked it. In both attempts, Moss went for a huge windmill dunk, but the ball bounced off the back of the rim.

#1.882297:2998854544.jpg:midnight_bball_sab-0103.jpg:Dale Moss participates in the slam dunk contest portion of the Midnight Minus Two on Oct. 17. Dwight Pederson out-dunked Moss, Clint Sargent and Anthony Cordova to win the competition.:Stephen Brua