Hobo Day part of college experience

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

Hobo Day weekend ? holy cow homecoming. I find myself smiling as I look back at the past weekend.

A sea of college students wearing SDSU’s trademark blue and gold surrounded me.

I will admit that the students of SDSU definitely know how to have a good time. Everything from attending the Hobo Bonfire to the big football game to the tons of keggers that went on this weekend.

I personally love the football game, not for the sport, but for the crowd. I will admit that I honestly don’t really care about sports, and I don’t even know the rules of football, but there is nothing like thousands of screaming college students coming together.

Seeing my fellow classmates screaming and cheering until they lose their voices can be exhilarating. I also thoroughly enjoy watching the college guys who go to the game half naked with “SDSU” painted on their bare chest in blue and yellow. I admit I do admire their enthusiasm; they really do get the crowd pumped up.

After the game is when the really interesting events take place. Parties galore. At any given point, you can walk around Brookings and hear the noise of loud music and screaming, beer-pong-playing students coming from a party house.

Brookings Police Department officers were swarming around the town making their usual arrests and passing out minors and DUIs like they were candy on Halloween. There were people getting kicked out of bars for getting just a little too rowdy. Seeing people sloppily walk their drunk behinds home from the bars is quite amusing.

I do realize that many students broke many laws this weekend, and I don’t support that. But, I do think it is important to go out and surround yourself with people your age.

An important part of college is to experience new things and meet new people. I’m not saying you need to go out and party on homecoming until you can’t remember your own name, but there is nothing wrong with meeting new people and experiencing new things.

I had a fun Hobo Day weekend, and I hope that most of my fellow students did as well. I made some new friends and saw some ? interesting ? things. Some of them are memories I’ll never forget.