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Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Britney is back!

These are the words that have come out of everyone’s mouth recently. I might be the only one shouting it, but there is no denying she has come back (in a good way). There was even a headline on that read: “Britney’s Radiant Return”.

On top of Britney’s new album Circus that came out Dec. 2 (her birthday), she also has done a few performances. There were three in England the week before her documentary on Nov. 30 and two on Good Morning America Dec. 2.

Her documentary, Britney: for the record, was a 60-minutes special without commercials. OK, so there were two commercials for her perfume that ran after 30 minutes of the show. But those commercials were more like bathroom breaks, so it totally doesn’t count.

One thing I noticed with her documentary was during the one-on-one interviews, every time they showed Britney being interviewed, she looked and acted like she was on drugs. She was not the happy-go-lucky girl from 2001 and appeared to be on tranquilizers to mellow out.

The documentary also showed the downside of Britney’s life. Throughout, viewers could see how sad she actually is. It might not have been said, but the look on her face was obvious.

Really, who could blame her? Always having someone telling you what to do, having your life scheduled out and not having a say in what goes on must be tough. Essentially she is trapped.

I believe she put it best in her documentary. “They (her entourage) hear what I say but are not listening ? (Britney starts crying). I’m sad.”

One eye-opening part was when she tried to go somewhere, and the paparazzi followed. Not only were there about six cars following her car, there were four people per car. When she reached her destination, more paparazzi were there.

So her life is within a box. She could get out, but what about her dad? He seems to be the one in control of her life. He even tells the camera that “she loves to work.” Apparently, he does not see how much she hates her life.

One of my favorite parts of the show was when she talked about the past two years. Being married, having kids with her “baby daddy” and shaving her head were discussed. Britney explains there are thousands of people who shave their head, so why is it such a big deal that she did? I have the answer: because you’re BRITNEY SPEARS!

What about her “baby daddy?” Well, Kevin Federline is basically a household name after knocking her up twice. Britney tells viewers she liked the idea of marriage, as if that justifies having his kids. Well, there was the God card she played, too.

Another thing I noticed was Britney’s manager was always with her. Whether she was at the VMA’s winning three awards or in the studio or just doing a photo shoot, he was always there. I am quite sure his role is to keep her from doing or saying anything stupid.

Basically the whole show was her saying “I’m sorry” without actually saying it. She was able to justify everything she did with an excuse. Therefore, I see another trainwreck situation in the next five years.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Britney is crazy. However, I feel sorry for her, too.

As her song “Womanizer” says, “You say I’m crazy; I got you crazy.”