Letter to the Editor: Student Support


I read with interest the article on why SDSU’s students don’t support the school’s athletic teams. There is little doubt that many students might have reasons for not attending the university’s athletic events, but “being too busy” is pretty weak. How do the students who participate in the programs do it? Think of the hours athletic team members spend in practice … yet the women’s basketball team members have led the nation three years straight in GPA. And what about the football team, whose quarterback is a pre-medicine student, has a high GPA, a family and was one of 15 students nationwide selected for a national academic award? It is a matter of allotting one’s time … a factor that will continue to play out in the lives of every student when they leave school. The SDSU basketball teams will be playing games every other week after Christmas, for a total of 8 hours, which works out to 4 hours a week. It would seem that a university of 12,000 students could expect more than 500 to attend each game — that’s 1 in 24! Make a New Year’s resolution … support the Jackrabbits! I’ve been doing it for 56 years and it’s contributed immeasurably to my life!

Keith Jensen