From coffee shops to national tour come hip-hop’s Soulcrate

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

The SDSU campus has seen many local bands perform. Most of them are from the rock/funk/punk genre; however, there have been very few hip-hop groups. The local group Soulcrate will perform Feb. 12 after finishing their first official tour.

Soulcrate is a hip-hop group from Sioux Falls consisting of DJ Absolute and brothers A Def and Dirt Dee.

According to Wes “A Def” Eisenhauer, the group started in 2002 when he moved back to Sioux Falls from Oregon.

“(Dirt Dee) and DJ Absolute had been doing stuff together, and I joined,” he said.

“We started playing shows in coffee shops, bars and stuff like that. We had to make do.”

After a while, the group had a following and began filling up shows.

“We sold out our last several shows and had to turn down people,” A Def said.

Since first getting together, Soulcrate has made five albums, done one official tour and signed to the label Black Clover. In 2008, Soulcrate came out with their fifth album titled Cardboard Cut Outs Volume One.

Since the hip-hop group is from Sioux Falls, there is a misperception that they will not be good. A Def said they have proven themselves locally and use the South Dakota thing to their advantage.

“We let people know where we are from. We will never hide the fact that we are from Sioux Falls. When we put on a good show, it helps prove people wrong,” said A Def.

Not hiding their origins has made a positive impact on Sioux Falls. According to A Def, when Soulcrate first started, there were no other rappers. He estimates there are 20 to 25 rappers in the Sioux Falls area now.

A Def said his future aspirations for the group are to keep touring.

“We hope to get on a tour with a large national act, something outside independent music. And to live off the music,” he said.

Soulcrate will perform in the Volstorff Ballroom at 6 p.m. Jack’s Place at 7 p.m. on Feb. 12. Admission to the show is free.