Enjoy spring break to its fullest; you only live once

Carolyn Wehde

Carolyn Wehde

While contemplating the vortex of homework I seem to constantly be pulled into, I had the most profound (or at least beyond exciting) revelation – spring break is approximately two weeks away. I always thoroughly enjoy myself ? yes, the beach, sun, waves, actual heat – no sweatshirts, parkas or Carharts needed. Okay, not quite that picture exactly. I’m usually stuck at home, but it is one whole week of glorious freedom from all thoughts, sticky notes and day planners related to homework. Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t have all things organized to a “T,” only all homework and due dates duly noted.

Many people will be flitting home or to some “exotic” warm place for that entire week. Spring break is by far one of the more celebrated breaks in the school year because it’s stereotyped as “fun in the sun” and occasionally “don’t ask don’t tell.” I look forward to spring break for two reasons – a whole week of sleeping in, absolute laziness and no schedule, and also because it means that one day during that week of blissful freedom I have the opportunity to celebrate another year in the hourglass.

Seeing as how we all are participating in the great and infamous college experience, I must say you only live once so you should try to have a good spring break experience. It’s even better because you can leave the worry, stress or boring classes behind. I’m sure the professors will be glad to see us all gone and they can have some peace and quiet.

Being up there in years, I feel compelled to give some advice, random and maybe helpful (it might even crack a smile). You only live once and usually only have one college experience, so make spring break enjoyable, even if you are one of the “stranded” i.e. left in South Dakota. Have fun in the sun, but please, for all of us and all the teasing you’re sure to get later, avoid the funky tan lines – you may be tan but we’ll still laugh because we’re white and tan line-free. Also, if for some reason you manage to honestly get yourself stranded somewhere, don’t take the old guy offering you a ride up on his offer. One, it’s obviously not the right choice and two, it’s just plain creepy (shivers). Oh yeah, the most important of all – souvenirs are always welcomed by those stranded in S.D. (I’m for serious now).

Enjoy spring break, wherever you end up. I will be as snug as a bug in a rug under six blankets sleeping the days away and doing as little as possible, even washing the dishes – wait, I don’t even do that now.