Revamped SDSU Web site debuts as a new portal

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

SDSU recently implemented new campus Web sites, replacing its old sites. The new Web site is a basic portal to direct people to sites that are more useful for what they need.

“What we really wanted to do was create an online environment for prospective students,” said Nick Wendell, assistant director of student activities. “The SDState Web site is really more of a broad stroke and is geared toward people outside State who are looking to come here.

“Coming to the Web site is really the first stop on people’s journey to State. It’s one of the first things they look at when they’re thinking about going to school here,” said Wendell.

MyState Online is another Web site being used at SDSU by current students.

“MyState is really for different activities and campus events and organizations that current students at SDSU would be interested in,” said Wendell.

Inside State is the branch of the SDSU Web site that is for faculty and staff only.

“There is a huge percentage of information that is really for faculty and staff,” said Wendell. “So it is really a much better option than putting a huge amount of information all on one Web site.

“The different Web sites make it much more user friendly and easier for people to find what they need and navigate quickly,” Wendell said.

The Web site is still in phase one of the three phases it will go through. Phase one is about development. Phase two is about campus life topics like Residential Life and student activities. Other aspects of phase two include improving the individual college’s pages. For example, currently the College of Pharmacy’s page is very well developed, but the page for the College of Arts and Sciences is not.

Wendell said that it is important to remember that colleges like the College of Arts and Sciences are so large and encompass so much that their pages will take longer to complete.

The third phase of the Web site’s plan is final completion.

The goal is to have all three phases completed and up and running by the end of the spring semester.

“We really hope to create a dynamic site that is easy to navigate and is really encompasses the university,” said Wendell.