Welcoming atmosphere and coffee at Cottonwood

Catey Watkins

Catey Watkins

Finals week has everyone stressed, sleep-deprived and on edge. For most, it gets to the point that one more second at the library makes them that much closer to a nervous breakdown. But no worries. Jacob Limmer, the Cottonwood Coffee owner, had these very students in mind.

Cottonwood Coffee has been going strong for three-and-a-half years, and thanks to Limmer’s careful consideration, there is hope for those poor, desolate, studious souls.

“Cottonwood is a very welcoming environment, the staff is always bright and cheery, the décor, including the mellow music and white noise – it’s good for studying and just hanging out with friends,” said James Rupp, a senior history major.

The coffee shop provides free wireless Internet, as well as a quiet environment for studying. Yet, this does not mean that if students just need to relax, it is not a welcoming place, as well. Cottonwood has a variety of board games that people are welcome to try out.

Limmer envisioned a true coffee shop and had wondered why a community like Brookings could not support that.

“I went to college where there was a great urban coffee shop. ? [Cottonwood] is a cliché coffee-house environment. It’s all those things a coffee house should be,” said Limmer. “We really focus on quality, and our prices aren’t any higher than anywhere else. I price on what it costs me, not how much I can make off of others. It’s an escape, a mental escape since you’re not on campus.”

Simeon Brown, a senior English major, said even though he doesn’t come down to study, he really enjoys what it has to offer.

“I like just hanging out here. It’s a cool place – even if you’re not here for the coffee or the Wi fi,” he said. “People here are just nicer than other places. It’s all the studiers and coffee drinkers. “

Right now, the coffee shop located on Main Street is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“I always try to extend my hours during finals week. I want to be open 24 hours a day for finals, but I employ almost exclusively college kids, so it’s harder since they have finals as well,” said Limmer.

He does suggest that students call ahead to be sure the shop will be open later during the dreaded week of doom, also known as finals week.

Cottonwood’s name is also gifted to its sister store on Sixth Street, near The Outlet. Cottonwood Bistro, also a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, provides its costumers with a full menu and offers alcoholic beverages.

The Bistro also provides free Internet and a quiet environment, even though it is not designed for the same laptop capacity as the coffee shop.

The coffee shop quite literally has an outlet located about every foot along the walls ready for eager students to use. These two locations are focused on different targets even though they share name and ownership.

There are high hopes for this coffee shop. As of right now, it only can hold up to 50 people, but Limmer said they would like to expand to almost double the seating. From time to time, Cottonwood is also a host to local entertainment, even having a variety show starting at 7 p.m on Dec. 12.

If anyone would like to keep up with the events that the coffee shop is hosting, it has a Facebook group under Cottonwood Coffee and Bistro. The phone number is 605-692-7009.