LETTER: Uninformed column is unfair


In the article, Healthy eating leads to a healthy person, “you truly are what you eat’, I believe that there are many false statements that are misleading. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs, but when stating your beliefs, I believe false comments are not appropriate. It is unfair to state comments that are not backed by research or information that can truly support what is being said. When it comes to controversial topics, any good writer would research what they are writing about, especially when they are passionate about it. There should be research done on what is being stated in The Collegian, it is a college newspaper and with technology always at our fingertips, there is no excuse for meager articles to be published that are poorly written with bogus information. I grew up on a cow-calf operation and have nothing against people choosing to be vegeterians, along as they understand the true facts about agriculture and obviously this is a case where The Collegian let false statements about agricultural practices “fill a slot” in the newspaper.

Michaela Braesch