Indian food a favorite at Festival of Cultures



Last week on Friday I was lucky enough to attend the Festival of Cultures over in Frost Arena. On a day when SDSU seemed to be populated with more visitors than students and faculty, which created headaches walking and driving on campus, the festival was a wonderful escape to begin the weekend.

Walking into the arena’s top level, you could immediately hear the rhythmic pounding of ceremonial drums and see the explosion of colors that emanated from the dozens of flags hung from the railings. With the stage for performances and booths set up for shopping on the bottom level, the second level was encircled by a dozen or so food vendors.

While there was a significant amount of people there from all walks of life, it was not difficult to move about and explore all the different cultural varieties of food. I attempted to try something from every different nationality’s table, and was not disappointed by any of the food I was lucky enough to taste. I would have to say that my personal favorites were the Chicken Tikka and Semosas I had at the Indian booths; their sauces really made the experience special.

Some of the tables were remarkably authentic in their presentations of the food, while some left a little to be desired, or seemed a little confused in their message. The “Friends of America” booth was interesting in their food selection, offering a variety of treats from Vietnam and Mexico that included egg rolls, spring rolls, and tortilla de patatas.

Finally, I just wanted to acknowledge that while the Festival of Cultures may not be the most elaborate, 100 percent authentic cultural experience that some may have experienced, for many people, it is a great opportunity to test the waters of something different without the fear of immersion that keeps so many away. So I ask you, try something new when the situation presents itself. Don’t ask yourself, “how long has that been sitting out?” or “why is that thing brown?” Instead consider yourself fortunate that you can instead inquire, “I wonder what that tastes like?”