Hobotech booms

Adam Junker

The SDSU Apple Store has become a convenience for both students and faculty since it opened this summer. That convenience has reflected in sales and general buzz for one of 30 Apple stores opening on college campuses nationwide.

Now, there is easy access to computers and other technical gear.

“Things weren’t very active here, starting out right after new student orientation,” said Stephen Brua, marketing coordinator for the SDSU bookstore. “As time went on, business really started to pick up. We’ve sold close to 50 Macbooks. The iPads have been selling, too. Recently, we just blew our whole inventory of 13-inch and 15-inch computers.”

Brua has been a part of the Apple Store’s development since opening. He said the notion of the Store had been lingering for quite some time.

Other accessories seeing high sales are headphone brands like Skullcandy and UrbanEars. According to David Hubbard, employee and iPad expert, the latter brand has been a big seller.

Smaller ticket items, such as laptop cases, wireless keyboards and styluses, have sold out. Prices on Mac computers are also comparative to other suppliers.

“The store does a good job supplying students with items at competitive prices,” Hubbard said.

Compared with other computer stores, the SDSU Apple Store prices items like Macbooks from $200 to $250 less. Software like Microsoft Office Pro costs about $100, whereas other suppliers tag it to $150.

The Apple Store works in conjunction with the eSDSU Laptop Center. Five Mac repairmen are employed there in case hard drives need to be replaced or have crashed. These repairs are all free of charge.

Training sessions are given at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. These are for those who want to learn computer use or graphic design.