Get priorities straight, big news outweighs return of Arrested Development


In the last couple of weeks there have been big, potentially world changing stories. A presidential candidate was discovered to have once spent time at a hunting camp locally known as “Niggerhead.” Which is awkward for me to even type, but I have a friend who is dating a black person, so I think that allows me one mention in passing in print if my racial epithet arithmetic checks out.

Scientists finally proved what a dope Einstein was as they broke the speed of light in an experiment conducted at the Large Hadron Collider. Again, another big deal as I am sure all physics degree holders will get letters in the mail recalling them to college to learn all new scientific laws.

Anwar al-Awlaki, a top man in Al-Qaeda, was killed with a remote predator drone strike. This story is worth thinking about for a few reasons. Firstly, it was Obama taking out another high-profile terrorist. Secondly, Awlaki, was technically an American citizen. I won’t lose any sleep over his loss, but I think it is worth having the conversation over just who the President can blow up with an executive order. Lastly, the amount of drone strikes this president has authorized. At some point, someone should really figure out if this tactic is, strictly speaking, legal? Apparently closing a prison camp full of people we can’t convict is a really tough ethical conundrum, but ordering radio controlled bombers to fly into sovereign countries and rain fire can be done during commercial breaks of Modern Family.

All of this news is really important stuff. It really deserves attention, which is why I am ashamed to say there has only been one story on my mind. Arrested Development is coming back. Announced over the weekend to the delight of fans of the show, there will be one more season and a movie to cap it all off.

Now, I won’t bore you with all I have to say about the show or the news of its return. If you are interested in how I feel about Arrested Development, the easiest way to access that is to talk to me for an hour and I am sure I will mention it at least twice.

No, my point has more to do with the human condition and its place in this country’s priorities. In the last two weeks, the leading GOP had a damning racial scandal, scientists broke physics and our president may have a fixation with blowing people up with R/C airplanes. Yet all I can think about is how excited I am to yell “There is always money in the banana stand,” at my friends. What scares me more is I am totally aware of the absurdity of this and I follow issues a lot more closely than most people I know.

I usually subscribe to the school of thought that you should practice what you preach. So I ask you: if anything I have mentioned here piques your interest, please dig deeper into the first three stories? They are important; they do matter. I will try myself. Entertainment and arts are important but I know I need to keep things in their proper perspective.