Sustainability courses provide guidance to students


College campuses are a place to learn and grow.

Students learn more about their future career and faculty expand their knowledge during research.

Sometimes the overlap between disciplines isn’t always seen, but sustainability offers a wonderful avenue for interdisciplinary work.

Sustainability, which simultaneously looks at how we care for our natural environment, create a strong economy and contributes to social justice, is a field connected to all disciplines. Each career plays a role toward creating a better future.

Are you in pharmacy?

Research how you can make drugs in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Are you in history?

Study how we treated the environment and people in the past so we can learn from our mistakes.

As you ponder how sustainability fits into your discipline and career, I encourage you to browse the list of sustainability-related courses offered at SDSU.

Sustainability Courses

CEE 225 Principles of Environmental Science and Engineering

Credits: 3

CM 360 Building Design & Evaluation Concepts

Credits: 3

ECON 372 Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics

Credits: 3

ECON 472/572 Resource and Environmental Economics

Credits: 3

EE 436/436L – 536/536L Photovoltaic Systems Engineering

Credits: 3,1

GEOG 415 – 515 Environmental Geography

Credits: 3

HIST 379 Environmental History of the U.S.

Credits: 3

HO 350 Environmental Stewardship in Horticulture

Credits: 3

IDL 100 Concepts of Sustainability

Credits: 3

ME 416 – 516 Renewable Energy Systems

Credits: 3

NUTR 111 Food, People, and the Environment

Credits: 3

NRM 110 Introduction to Natural Resource Management

Credits: 3

NRM 466 – 566 Environmental

Toxicology and Contaminants

Credits: 3

SOC 245 Energy, Environment, and Society

Credits: 3

WL 712/712L Wetlands Ecology and Management and Lab

Credits: 3

WL 400/400L Habitat Conser

vation and Restoration Lab

Credits: 3

WL 723/723L Fisheries Ecology & Management and Lab

Credits: 3

ABE 434/434L Natural Resources Engineering and Lab

Credits: 4

ABS 475/475L Integrated Natural Resource Management and Lab

Credits: 3

ARCH 411 Site, Environment, Urbanism, & Public Space

Credits: 2

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