Naked Dating


(Photo by ReAnn Arcand)

Vanessa Montalvo

Tears, laughter and losing control of their bowels were just some of Harlan Cohen’s expectations of the student audience Feb. 13. Cohen, an advice columnist and author, was at SDSU presenting his upcoming book and dating experiment, Naked Dating.

Don’t be deceived by the title Naked Dating, because it does not literally mean dating in the nude. It focuses instead on stripping yourself of your insecurities if faced with rejection in the dating game and finding happiness in yourself instead of being hurt.

Cohen explained his mission is about finding a date completely sober or making your current relationship even better, as well as, with “100 percent certainty”, giving you the ability to meet lots of people. He began his journey developing Naked Dating after his first love broke up with him.

“How could someone experience such intense love but not know how it ever happened?” Cohen said.

Cohen’s expectations of the night did not fall short (minus the bowel movements, no one had the heart to ask the students). He continuously engaged the crowd by asking personal and blunt questions about students’ current relationship statuses, what they look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend, even getting as personal as asking when their last hook up was.

Cohen remained down-to-earth and covered a variety of topics relating to love, college, drinking, sex, and what could happen if you mix all of these things together.

Prior to telling the five steps of Naked Dating, Cohen pointed out some harsh, but in reality true points about dating, from “sharing our feelings is stupid” to “hooking up is easier than dating.”

The main part of his presentation was his explanation on how to date, whether it includes wearing a physical orimaginary thong to get rid of your insecurities or taking risks and participating in online-dating.

“I get frustrated. Your generation is the worst ever. So guarded [with] cellphones, Facebook, [and] all these buffers to stop us from facing the universal rejection,” Cohen said.

Along with his book coming out April 2012, there will be a website dedicated to the Naked Dating experiment.

“I challenge each and everyone of you to come on this journey with me. Participate in this Naked Dating experiment. Put yourself on this website, real picture, real interests, and go on it. We’ll have videos, forums, etc.,” Cohen said. “I cannot contain myself. Millions of people are going to find something great.”