Five ways to know if someone is flirting

Libby Trammell

Lately I’ve been hearing from several of my friends that they just ‘cannot tell when someone is hitting on them. It would be easy to think that every flirtatious encounter is obvious and easy to identify, but this is rarely the case. Now these signs are not listed in most to least flirtatious, as each person’s style is different, but all are signs to watch for.

The first sign is eye contact. If someone is going out of their way to make eye contact with you, then chances are they want you to be looking back. Now, some people simply keep eye contact because it’s how they communicate. However, there are some signs to watch for. If they are gazing at you through their lashes, if they keep looking down and smiling, or if they keep batting their eyes, then they are flirting.

The second sign is how they are leaning. If a person is constantly leaning toward you when they talk to you, then chances are they are subconsciously attempting to get closer to you.  The only exceptions here are if you are sitting far away or if you are talking super quietly. Otherwise, chances are they are sending you a signal!

The third sign is one of the easiest to spot. Watch how this person’s friends react to your presence. If they all find excuses to disappear when you show up (bathroom, homework, etc.) then they are trying to give you ‘alone time’ with your person of interest. This is a major signal that they are interested in you!

Which brings me to the fourth sign; alone time. If they are always seeking ways to spend time with just you then they are interested! I don’t care what the excuse is. Homework, lunch, movie, whatever if they have tried more than twice, then they are dropping hints.

The last sign to always watch for is laughing. If someone is laughing at all the little jokes you’re telling them, they are obviously making an effort. Especially if laughing is more like giggling. To test this one out I suggest telling little jokes that aren’t too great and seeing if they laugh. Try it a few times and you might just have your answer.

Keep in mind with all of these signs that this is not an exact science. Trust your gut when it comes to issues like this! If someone is genuinely interested, then chances are you’ll feel it. There you are  readers! And as always, remember to take all of your romantic adventures with a grain of salt and a willingness to laugh at yourself.

Libby Trammell is an SDSU student majoring in Human Development Family Studies.