Swine Club to host “Eat Like A Pig” presentation

Mercedes Lemke Ag Reporter

Should we really “Eat Like A Pig?” The Swine Club and their upcoming speaker think so.  

Every five years the United States government puts out dietary guidelines to the new food pyramid. At this time the public gets a new lesson from the government on what should be put their bodies.

Eric Berg, meat science professor at North Dakota State University, believes people have a lot to learn about the human diet.

The South Dakota State University Swine Club will host Berg for his “Eat Like A Pig” presentation Feb. 24, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center.

Pig’s digestive systems are similar to that of humans. They are omnivores and monogastrics just like us, Berg said.

Since there is such a similarity between pigs and humans, Berg studies how human diets affect pigs.

In one of his recent studies, Berg gave the pigs the “total western diet.” This diet is a representation of what Americans eat on a regular basis and includes excessive amounts of sugar. He then compared two groups. The first group ate the “total western diet” while the second group was supplemented half of the carbohydrates in the diet as ground beef instead of sugars and starches.

The pigs who had the “total western diet” were 65 pounds heavier than their counterparts and had stunted growth, according to Berg’s research.

Berg believes people’s diets will be healthier if sugar and starch were replaced with meat.

“He has done years of research. This will give us the opportunity to see what he’s done and the headway he has made,” said Ethan Groos, president of Swine Club. “In years to come hopefully it can be implemented into our food system.”

Bob Thaler, SDSU Swine Club adviser, said looking at Berg’s research is important for knowing what to do next.

“We are all concerned about what we eat. Let’s take a look on the science to see what that shows to make sure we are doing the best for our bodies,” Thaler said.

The program is free admission but attendees are asked to bring a food item to be donated to the Brookings Food Pantry.