Student organizations leave individual legacies on campus


Homecoming at South Dakota State symbolizes a time when the school comes together to celebrate exactly who the Jackrabbits are. Through the years, SDSU’s identity and the roots of the school are kept timeless through the annual traditions carried on by students. 

To help strengthen these traditions, campus organizations lend a hand to SDSU’s celebration and mission to help promote school spirit.

A voice for the students

Through the years, Students’ Association has worked to become the voice of students.

SA works with students to represent the entire student body in policy decisions, fee placement decisions and in conversations with SDSU and State administration.

“Being able to add that anecdotal student voice helps make their needs understood why they are [the way that they are],” Helms said. “We really help to advocate for not only [our] students but students across the state.”

A major role of SA is distributing the General Activity Fee, the fee tacked onto every credit hour students take.

Aside from monetary choices, SA also plays a role in helping students integrate into the university and seeing their graduation through.

“I think the heart of what SDSU is being involved on the spirit of this campus. I think they help students find ways to connect and it’s important to have clubs and organizations have students find their own ways to connect to campus and alumni,” Helms said. “It helps make SDSU a home away from home.”

And what’s home without a homecoming? 

SA helps activate and stimulate clubs that are at the heart of Hobo Day traditions. This includes allocating funds to the groups or helping plan and execute Hobo Day traditions that require university approval.

“As far as Hobo Day goes, I think we enable the Hobo Day Committee to do what they do … I think we’re incredibly proud of them,” Helms said. “They truly are an incredible organization with the 17-member committee that they have.”

Ultimately, SA aims to be a unifying voice for university students and help cultivate a more positive environment for future Jackrabbits.

“As students represent SA, I think students should be proud of SA as it helps solidify SDSU’s image and helps us grow as a university,” Helms said.

Hobo Day traditions carried on by Greek Life

All students are encouraged to participate in annual Hobo Day festivities, but some Greek Life chapters celebrate homecoming in their own, customized way.

Bum-A-Meal is a Hobo Day tradition where students dress up as hobos and go to a home and eat a meal.

However, FarmHouse fraternity hosts their own Bum-A-Meal event at their chapter house, exclusive to Greek Life members. They do this to celebrate Hobo Day amongst the Greek Life community, said FarmHouse President Trevor Hansen.

“Everyone from Greek Life is invited and FarmHouse provides everything but the eating utensils,” Hansen said. “Everyone dresses as hobos, hangs out [and] catches up with each other during this busy week.”

Not just FarmHouse, but all other Greek Life chapters at SDSU, make an effort to participate in other Hobo Day traditions, such as Rally at the Rails, the Hobo Day Parade and the Mr and Ms Homelycoming Pageant.

“Greek Life has always been a part of Hobo Day and the week-long celebration that leads up to it,” Hansen said.