SA wants to see more Jackrabbit pride in Union



By EMILY DeWAARD News Editor

The Monday Students’ Association meeting only featured two resolutions on the agenda.

Following several SA election announcements, the Senate discussed Resolution 16-17-R. This resolution proposed increasing Jackrabbit marketing and branding in the Student Union within Fiscal Year 2018 Maintenance and Repair (M&R) funds. The funds are directly related to a General Activity Fee (GAF) increase occurring over the next couple of years.

SA adviser Michaela Willis informed senators these changes cannot come from M&R funds. Senators said they would simply like this resolution to serve as their recommendation to put a portion of GAF increase funds toward branding. Senators did not make an amendment to the resolution to recognize the problem in funding and approved it in a 23-1 vote.

Sen. Robert McLean, a sponsor of the resolution, said it is an effort to show greater Jackrabbit pride and foster a sense of community among students and visitors.

“When you visit other universities, you know what school you’re at,” McLean said. “I think increased branding could make The Union more pleasing to visitors.”

Resolution 16-16-R, which was postponed indefinitely, showed opposition to credit hour enrollment changes within the Graduate School. These changes have since been resolved, which is why the Senate voted to postpone this resolution.

Originally, it was proposed that graduate students be required to take a minimum of nine credits per semester, whether they hold a research or teaching assistantship. Currently, graduate students are only required to take a minimum of four credits, so long as students held a 49 percent graduate assistantship or research assistantship.

The policy has since changed to a six-credit threshold.

The next SA meeting will be at 7 p.m. March 27, in the Lewis and Clark room of The Union.