Ways to practice sustainability, help campus environment


Jennifer McLaughlin

Welcome back, Jacks! Did you know that SDSU practices and promotes sustainability? On campus, we define sustainability as a combination of taking care of the natural environment and providing resources equitably to everyone.

Sustainability is key to a good life. It looks at how we use our resources and distribute them in a way that can benefit everyone. It helps our environment heal and stay clean, so it can provide us with ecological services such as clean air, shade, beauty, materials and food. It also helps us build a stronger economy and community, one where everyone is accepted and has access to basic human needs like good food, shelter, clean water and education.

SDSU had several major sustainability achievements this past spring and summer. In April, SDSU became the 42nd affiliate of Bee Campus USA, a certification that promotes and practices pollinator friendly grounds keeping. In May, over 1,700 pounds of reusable material was diverted from the landfill and donated to local charities as part of the Move-Out Donation Program. Over 1,600 recycling bins were added to individual dorm rooms and a 50-kilowatt solar panel array was placed on the Stanley J. Marshall addition. Last but not least, SDSU was approved to offer a sustainability minor, which is available to all majors.

You, too, can join SDSU on its journey to sustainability by integrating sustainable practices into your daily life. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 1) Recycle 2) Use a reusable water bottle 3) Keep your windows shut while your air-conditioner is running 4) Buy used books.

Together we can we can achieve more sustainability goals and actions.

Jennifer McLaughlin is the SDSU sustainability specialist and can be reached at [email protected]