Virtual Life


Jason Jorgenson

It’s an invasion!

No, not an invasion of little green men, or even one of bloodthirsty mutant penguins but instead an invasion of little cardboard box sets.

Box sets donning the title: the Sims, are invading millions of houses across America.

Be warned.

Once you allow one to enter your home, an army of expansions are laying in wait ready for the kill.

The Sims?by Maxis?is a “Family Simulation” game (This just amcks of an underlying family dilemma for our society.

The goal of the game is to create a simulated family and place it in a simulated house with simulated friends wherein you have some “simulated” fun.

The original box set hit stores almost two years ago and since that time, after monstrous success, Maxis has released an additional five expansions at roughly $30 each.

Each expansion adds a few new items for the Sims?the term used to describe the characters in the game?to interact with and a few new features. One expansion allows the Sims to date, while another allows them to leave their houses and go on vacation.

The newest expansion, the Sims: Unleashed, allows the Sims to purchase pets.

These little furry creatures of digital love come fully equipped to interact with each other in whatever environment the player chooses.

Ok, honestly, enough is enough.

This new expansion and all other expansions before it have become more like accessories for a Barbie doll than actual improvements for a game.

The best part of the game is being able to fill your virtual house with all kind of neat gadgets and trinkets.

Though, in the time spent doing this you could have easily put in some overtime at work and filled your current real house with gadgets and trinkets you can actually enjoy.

The game itself is boring and has a tendency to drag on.

I finally made the game enjoyable by placing all my Sims in the same room, deleting all the doors and windows, and lighting the building on fire, while at the same time imaging my screaming Sims as the game developers.

All in all, you’d be better off saving yourself the money.

One Star (out of 5)