Athletics shift to Intramural Bulding

Jamie Tanata

Jamie Tanata

Relocation of SDSU’s Frost Arena will go into place beginning next fall.

One main factor that has been long-debated over is the size difference of the new location of the Intramural Building.

SDSU’s HPER Center is approximately 156,230 square feet compared to the much more suiting size of the Intramural Building which is only 42,830 square feet.

Many questions have risen as to how the Intramural Building will be able to accommodate all SDSU’s current sports.

“This isn’t going to be an issue with the swimming pool,” said local pool guy, Harry Draino.

SDSU will place a pool underneath the Intramural Building, which can also be used as a local bomb shelter.

Jackrabbit fanatics may be skeptical on the Intramural’s limited seating compared to Frost Arena’s; however, it will always be a plus for SDSU as every game will have a sold out crowd.

“Even the Intramural games will have a full house,” said former juggling club member, Hubert Spencer.

Also, for the fans that really want to get into the basketball games can run on the treadmills or bikes, which are being transferred from the second floor of Frost Arena. The equipment will be set up right along the sidelines so fans can sweat off their Jackrabbit pride.

The athletic department will be housed over at the Intramural Building as well in the current racquetball courts, giving each staff member a cozy office space.

This will also create a closer bond with student athletes and staff. An indoor track will be built along the underground pool and will also be a convenient replacement for the showers.

Once athletes are done working out, they can take a quick dip in the pool to ensure personal hygiene.

“This will definitely ensure space

for such unnecessary facilities

that need to be cleaned so often,”

local janitor Bob Ramous said.

The barn-shape of the Intramural Building will also make fans as well as the athletes’ feel more at home with many being native to South Dakota. It will also bring the cowboys and jocks to a more mutual understanding of one another.

Instead of leaving the HPER Center vacant it will be transformed into a new arena for showing animals as well as utilizing the indoor track for horse derbies.

Many SDSU students are excited about the forthcoming of a new athletic center.

“Like I think like this new building..whatcha macallit? The Intramural Building…. will be like so super for SDSU and will give us a closer distance to the players,” said SDSU cheerleader Salley Valley.

The athletes are as well satisfied with SDSU’s relocation of the athletic center.

“The center will really bring all of us athletes together as one big team instead of individual teams. It really gives us that warm-fuzzy feeling of togetherness,” said SDSU football player Theodore Pinker.

Financially SDSU will not have any issues to face with new construction of an entire new building. Renovations are the only costs that will be accountable for in SDSU’s budget.

Costs of running and heating the Intramural Building will also be down compared to this year. SDSU has developed a new energy source of wind generators since it is well known to be the windiest location on campus between the Intramural Building and Shepard Hall.

Classrooms that are currently located in the building will be used as the new racquet ball courts when needed.

“The relocation of the athletic center is definitely one step closer to SDSU heading towards Division I,” Duddits Shortstop, personal hygiene major said.

#1.887078:1020539605.jpg:da hypr.jpg:The HPER Center has been the home of the Athletic Department for a while now. But if the department should move the future of the building would be in peril:#1.887077:301803324.jpg:da barn.jpg:The Athletic Department?s move to the Intramural Building is being seriously considered by university officials. One idea has been to ease the shock of the move by having certain varsity sports play there. :