Libby Explains Things Everyone Should Know

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

I have so much advice left to give and so little time left to do it. Thus, in my final column I’m foregoing the letter format and just telling you what you need to know to get you through the rest of your time here at SDSU and in life. Delusions of grandeur? Absolutely.

The advice:

Stand up for yourself. The world loves nothing more to take advantage of the weak. Don’t let it.

Don’t be a jerk. There are already enough of them around, so if you suspect you’re one of them, do us all a favor and sit down and shut your mouth.

You’re not better than everyone else (see above). And the sooner you learn that, the better. It’s best to listen to me now, before the world smacks it into your head later.

Take care of the people in your life. People need people. Even Streisand makes good sense sometimes.

Go to class. Seriously, just do it.

Communicate. Most problems I deal with are either caused by lack of communication or could be solved by a bit more communication.

Use common sense; your mom was right.

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