Please give this email to Adam Zobel

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This email is for Adam Zobel. I am unable to find his email addresses on the internet and cant remember it.

Hi, Adam! This is Jackie. I am out traveling the world. Since May I have been backpacking through Latin America and have met many people from around the world who are concerned about the US Presidential Election. This letter is the result.

Could you help me out with this?

My goal with this letter is to send the introduction to many newspapers to get people to visit a simple website where the rest of the letter will be. Any assistance will greatly improve the quality. Feel free to edit, add and delete, make your own quotes, etc.

Americans may choose a President solely on the issue of abortion, gay marriage, Iraq, international disgust, or the polls. Please look at a broad range of issues and get involved. International people have told me that some Americans will vote for a Presidential Candidate solely because the candidate is from their home state, because he says he is of a certain religion, or because that is who their family votes for. I hope people are smarter than this.

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