KSDJ station manager should step down


The Issue: Campus radio station manager found guilty of sexual harassment.

Our View: He is unfit for management and should step down.

The right thing would be for Ashley-Kenneth Allen to step down from his position as the campus radio station manager.

We reported this week that Allen was found guilty of sexual harassment, after charges were brought against him by Jacy Riedmann, a former KSDJ staff member.

Allen’s punishment will be decided Thursday by the Student Conduct Committee.

If Allen doesn’t resign voluntarily, we hope the committee will understand the severity of the situation, and remove Allen from his management position.

In fact, he should have been asked to temporarily step down during the course of this investigation. He should not have been allowed to return as station manager fall semester.

The description of the sexual harassment charge said that Allen created a hostile working environment.

Carey Deaver, the complaint investigator, described it as a situation “where the behavior is so onerous that it isn’t comfortable any longer.”

Even after Riedmann approached Allen about her problems working with him at the station, he still did not change.

“He shouldn’t be in the position where he has the power to degrade someone like that and get away with it,” Riedmann said.

There have been other problems at KSDJ. They just haven’t come to the attention of the administration.

Besides the sexual harassment charge, Allen has had trouble retaining his staff longer than a semester. In the Aug. 31 Juice cover story, we reported that only three of the 13 staff members working under Allen finished out their jobs at the station. What happened to the other ten?

Most of them quit saying Allen wouldn’t allow them to do their jobs.

“He was a big control freak. He basically wanted to run everything,” Travis Creley, former program director, said in the story.

Creley said Allen used a message board to post messages taunting him and another staff member.

Aaron Wickre, former music director, was the longest-serving of Allen’s staff.

“He’s a pretty good person, but he’s not a good manager,” Wickre said.

Allen wasn’t entirely bad news for KSDJ. He has turned the struggling station around by giving it a consistent format and by drawing more listeners.

The current KSDJ staff deserves a better station manager. It is time for the Student’s Association to start advertising for a new manager.

It is possible to find someone who can maintain the quality of the station and who will treat the staff with respect.