Always wear flip-flops

Adam Lichty

Adam Lichty

“Can’t Hardly Wait”, a long-forgotten teen romantic comedy of the ’90s, contains a profound quote of advice that should be embraced by all incoming freshman living in the dorms.

In a brief, but inspired performance, actor Jerry O’Connell stumbles out in a drunken stupor, mumbling a universal suggestion for all new college students can live by. “Don’t forget to wear rubber flip-flops in the shower…I’ve got warts all over my feet…”

Along with the looming bacteria ready to attack unsuspecting feet within the communal showers, incoming freshmen living in the dorms are vulnerable to some serious bumps in the road as they begin their college careers at SDSU. So who better to receive advice from but other older fellow students who somehow managed to survive the horrors of the first year?

Ryan Rubbelke, a senior who once dwelled in Waneta Hall, affirms the timeless advice give by O’Connell’s character on the army of bacteria within the showers.

“Always and I mean always, wear rubber flip-flops in the shower unless you want to itch for months,” Rubbelke says. “Without any protection you can be totally susceptible to athlete’s foot that will not go away for awhile.”

Let’s face it. When college students want to have a good time, they are usually going to do so with alcohol. Besides, what else is there to do? Although dorm policy expressly forbids alcohol consumption, freshmen will most likely cross the line at some point. But there are ways of avoiding the wrath of a snoopy RA.

“If you plan on drinking in your room, never hide your supply in the fridge,” says Evan Davis, a sophomore resident of Pierson Hall. “If some authorities do happen to come in the room and your alcohol is concealed, they only really check the fridge.”

Sophomore Cole Jungen knows the importance of a stable relationship with roomates. To prevent impending conflict, compromises should be made to accommodate everyone’s needs.

“We had some conflicts earlier on,” Jungen says. “My sleeping habits were so much different. I felt guilty, so I eventually had to change the fact that three alarm clocks going off at the same time wouldn’t wake me up.”

Though its flaws abound, no one can deny the great opportunity the dorms offer when it comes to meeting new people.

“If you leave your door open it’s very easy to make conversation with people walking by,” says sophomore Kristi Smith of Binnewies Hall. “Just make sure you don’t have a beer in your hand. The pesky RA’s are lurking.”