True friends will listen

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Dear Kristin,

I love my roommate, but her new boyfriend pretty much lives at our apartment. He eats all our food, and doesn’t chip in at all. He should understand that we don’t have very much money. It’s not that I am jealous of her relationship. He is just invading my territory a little too much. How can I tell my roommate to keep him from taking over my apartment?

~ Claustrophobic Friend

Dear Claustrophobic Friend,

Keep in mind that it is sometimes hard to accept the change of a new relationship. I believe you are not jealous of their relationship, you just want some space and privacy.

You may want to try is sitting down with your roomate and letting her know that you are frustrated with the living conditions. But try not to do it right after the new boyfriend has made you upset. This should help make the conversation go a little better.

You may also want to give the boyfriend a few hints. Working the situation out with your friend in a rational manner will be best.

If she is truly your friend she will understand how you are feeling. She will then be able to talk to her boyfriend and let him know not to overstep his bounds, or maybe even that he needs to start chipping in to the food budget .

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